Q. Is Shiloh Bound Inc. a registered nonprofit?

A. Yes, Shiloh Bound is a 501(c) nonprofit through the State of Wisconsin as of 2014.


Q. What is a Makerspace or Fab Lab? What will it do?

A. Makerspace and Fab Lab are two names for the same thing. While they can take different forms, it is essentially a location equipped with many forms of technologies which serve multiple purposes. In this case, these technologies are focused on engineering, manufacturing, STEM (science technology engineering math) and even the arts. It is an incredibly enriching environment for education, exploration and creativity. The facilities can be used to directly train people, professionally developing those going through Shiloh's future program. The Fab Lab will also be open to community members, local schools and other organizations. 


Q. What is Shiloh's program for mentoring and developing individuals?

A. The program is still under development. The idea is that it will be a one year program where they will be mentored by Shiloh and intentionally trained in a valuable, in-demand skill at a partnering business. Under Shiloh, the individual will learn basic life skills such as cooking, laundry, personal finances, what it looks like to volunteer and be part of a community, as well as soft skills such as communication, work ethic, teamwork, etc. He or she will learn what it looks like to practically follow Christ, Biblically, based on their own faith. Each month will be guided by a different topic such as discipleship, prayer, Godly love/kindness, service, the truth of God's Word, leadership, honesty/integrity, faith, gratitude, responsibility, respect and commitment to growth. The topic will be secondarily reinforced by their mentors within the corporate setting.


Q. What are the photos of on the front page?

A. The retreat was called Discipleship Alive, organized by the people behind Shiloh and put on at the 160 acres dedicated to Shiloh. It was tailored towards college age men.