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Dedicated to transforming individuals through personal mentorship and trade apprenticeship.

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People who want change cannot do it alone; communities, families and lives need help. The opioid crisis, lack of educational access and break down of families are hurting cities and leaving people behind.  Severe skilled labor shortages exist while inner cities can have unemployment rates as high as 50%. A synergy between personal mentorship by Shiloh and educational training within businesses can be the force to empower change in individuals' lives.



Lives will be transformed through Biblical discipleship. Lives will be empowered as they gain valuable education and skills. Businesses will be supported by being supplied qualified employees of integrity, particularly in fields where labor shortages are severe.

Mentorship: transform personal lives

Individuals that are in a tough spot or just don't know what do with their lives typically want something better. We can  come along side these people, guiding them through Christ centered discipleship, and finding the change they already wanted but didn't know how to reach alone.

Educational access: empower individuals economically

Individuals can only rise above their situation if they have the economic means to do so. Shiloh will partner with businesses that will apprentice individuals, thereby equipping them with in-demand skills that grant access to high paying careers in fields such as machining, electrical, plumbing, cooking, hospitality, welding, carpentry, construction, and the list goes on.

impact communities

Communities change when its people's lives are revitalized and the businesses that support families are stable. We plan on continuing direct community outreach such as events like our yearly apple juice pressing which brings families together, or a future Fab Lab / Makerspace to grant community access to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) related fields.

support industry

Strong communities require strong local businesses. While the US has a six million person skilled labor shortage, our goal is to help fill that gap by providing businesses employees of integrity that have relevant training. This can be achieved by Shiloh recruiting and refining talent from nontraditional areas. We have the recruits. We just need help launching our program.


"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few."

Matthew  9:37


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The vision for Shiloh was started in 2011 when Ken and Sondra Hastreiter saw a multifaceted need. There are many young men and women who are directionless, stuck in situations or environments where they want an out, but lack the personal skills or economic resources to move beyond that point, and/or are without supporters to back them up. Any successful person can point to a teacher, parent, or some sort of mentor that without him/her, they wouldn't be where they are at today. Yet no matter how good your coach is, if you can't buy a football and equipment, you can't get in the game. Given such, the vision expanded to a program where Shiloh, a nonprofit, would work closely with businesses, for profit, to holistically develop individuals personally and professionally.

In 2014 Shiloh become a religious, educational 501(c) nonprofit with a board of directors. 160 acres of land have been dedicated to Shiloh, in which 200 apple trees were planted in 2014, intended for future community use.  Shiloh has since been used for retreats, such as Discipleship Alive for college age young adults.

Our program to mentor both personally and professionally is still in development. What we are looking for are businesses to partner with us, as well as financial resources to help launch our program via personnel and facilities. A significant project in the works is a Makerspace / Fab Lab that would be open to the community and used as an integral part of Shiloh's program.



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